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              中文   English   

              Shanghai South Ocean Electron Co.,LTD.    

              Company Production Certificate Technology Feed Back


              Shanghai South Ocean Electronic Co.,Ltd.(SSOE)is a joint venture company which was founded in 1992 and registered capital is 1,800,000 US dollars. SSOE specialize in manufacturing and developing various kinds of electronic component. The area of SSOE is 3,000 square meters and 3,500 square meters for offices and production lines and it is located in Min Hang district of south-west. Now SSOE has 180 employees including 15 administrative people,18 technologists、 engineers and QC. Our products are mainly exported to USA、Japan、Italy、New Zealand、Taiwan and Hong Kong ,which account for 70% of our sales revenue .Domestic business involve communication and ammeter industry, the main customers are HUA WEI、 SIEMENS MOBILE、CHINT、DELIXI.

              Products are divided into two major series including QUARTZ CRYSTAL UNITS and CRYSTAL CLOCK OSCILLATOR. QUARTZ CRYSTAL UNITS: UHC-49/U)、SHC-49/US)、MUM1/5)、CSMD package;CRYSTAL CLOCK OSCILLATOR: X、XPSMD package),XFDIP14 double sealed),and V、VP、VB、VBPSMD packageVOLTAGE CONTROLLED CRYSTAL OSCILLATORVCXO)。Equipments of manufacturing and testing that SSOE use are S&A from USA and SHOWA from Japan. Now the capacity of DIP is 3kkpcs per month and 700kpcs per month for SMD.

              Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are among SSOE's top priorities. Besides, it has passed ISO9002 in 1997, ISO9001:2000 in Dec.2002, TS16949 and ISO14001 in May.2006.                                 

              SSOE will continue to approach advanced international standards and to develop new products. SSOE will provide the production with high quality and competitive price to the customers all of the world.


              按此在新窗口瀏覽圖片Address:No.20, Lane 291, Jiangchuan Rd., Minhang, Shanghai, China 

              按此在新窗口瀏覽圖片Telephone:86-21-64353087                                                           按此在新窗口瀏覽圖片Fax:86-21-64359003

              按此在新窗口瀏覽圖片Email: ssoe@sh163.net                                                                   按此在新窗口瀏覽圖片WEB:http:// www.qjh2008.com

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